Northwestern's Affordability Estimator and Net Price Calculator

You can find out:

  • A preliminary estimate of financial aid you are eligible for - federal, state and Northwestern grants, scholarship and loans

  • Estimated cost of yearly attendance for your program, including direct (billed by Northwestern) and indirect (not paid to Northwestern) costs

  • Estimated portion of tuition and fees that can be covered by financial aid and the remaining amount you would pay out of pocket

Our estimator takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.

To assist you in completing this process, it would be helpful to have the items listed below.

  • Your current college GPA (if you are currently enrolled) or the final GPA (if you have graduated from a college or university)
  • Student and Parent's 2018 Tax Returns
  • Earnings Statements (W-2 forms, 2018 paycheck stubs)
  • Bank and investment account statements

Costs and financial aid estimates are subject to change. Results of the estimator are not guaranteed. If you have special circumstances, the Financial Aid Office will review your situation and accommodate if possible. The accuracy of your estimated awards is based on the information you provide. The estimated awards are based on the assumption that you will apply for Northwestern scholarships and complete the FAFSA to apply for federal grants and loans.

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